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The MIDI files!

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Click here to go to the official ABBA homepage
Click here to go to the official ABBA website

I've played ABBA midi files many times in the background of my webpages, so I decided to make a little page deticated to this group containing some of their midi files. The Swedish group of two girls and two guys organized in 1972 and broke up in 1982. They have sold more albums than the Beatles, and they still sell millions of albums every year. ABBA is not as well known in the U.S. as in the rest of the world. Because they made it big in the mid 70's, and they didn't fit into hard or punk rock, they unfortunately got labeled by many Americans as disco (I myself dislike disco). In my opinion, very few of their songs sound anything like disco.

Midi files do the original band a great injustice, but judge for yourself and see what the rage about ABBA is all about. Better yet, buy the real thing at your favorite music store. Below are some midi files for you to listen to or download to keep. You'll see that their songs vary greatly in sound type. Out of the many, many ABBA songs produced there are only a few I didn't care for. Their song writing, raw talent, singing voices, and range of sounds are awe inspiring. All good gifts come from God!

CNN reported in February of 2000 that ABBA was offered $1,000,000,000.00 to re-group and perform one-hundred concerts. That's $10,000,000.00 per concert! But ABBA declined the one-billion dollar offer.

"ABBA remains one of the most popular bands of all-time world-wide--from Australia to Russia. ABBA reigns supreme"

-Rolling Stone Magazine

ABBA midi's in alphabetical order

Left click to play, right click to save it

Angel Eyes63KB

Another Town, Another Train29KB


Dance (while the music still goes on)43KB

Dancing Queen78KB

The Day Before You Came42KB

Does Your Mother Know83KB



Happy New Year38KB

Head Over Heels32KB

I Have A Dream66KB

I Wonder18KB

Knowing Me, Knowing You63KB

Lay All Your Love On Me79KB

Like An Angel Passing Through My Room16KB

Me And I28KB

Money, Money, Money56KB

My Love, My Life18KB

The Name Of The Game40KB

One Man, One Woman46KB

One Of Us39KB

Our Last Summer45KB

The Piper31KB

Should I Laugh Or Cry33KB

Slipping Through My Fingers43KB



Super Trooper48KB

Take A Chance On Me72KB

Two For One44KB


The Winner Takes It All53KB

All the above midi's in one zip file484KB

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